Electronically smell the environment

Using multiple high quality chemical sensors with a software algorithm, developed over a decade using research, data and analysis; has resulted in the Electronic Nose Africa. The Electronic Nose Africa can determine the level as well as various different smells in an environment, similar to how a human nose works.

Environmental Offenders

Using the Electronic Nose Africa, it is feasible to determine if a location’s environment is harmful offensive to people or animals. Proving that a suspect in the vicinity, such as a factory, is unlawfully producing chemicals that can be harmful or smells so pungent that it may even causes sickness, is often hard to prove in a court of law. With real time data, analysis and professional reports, perpetrators can be brought to justice


In many areas, it is becoming important to continuously monitor the quality of the air. Odour pollution can cause massive damage, not only to human life, but the economy as well. Strain of the public health system, reduced productivity not to mention the loss of life can severely impact a region. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and monitoring the air quality for odour that impacts the surrounding environment is a first step to prevention.